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Two new original sheets available! +Update

October 6th, 2016, Kyle Landry

Improvisation no139 is now available for purchase! Sleepy Time no7 is now available for purchase!

Update: My Sleepy Time Album is nearly finished. I have one more track left to write, and you should expect to see it available for purchase by the end of Fall/Early Winter! Also, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of my uploads lately on both my main channel, and synthesia channel. My travels have been nonstop for the past month, so I’m just now able to catch a breath. If you haven’t already, hit the subscribe button on my new synthesia channel! I’m trying to upload at least 2 tutorials of my piano arrangements a week, new and old!

Grand Piano: I’m still in the search for the perfect instrument. It is almost like buying a house in a way, except with a smaller selection. All I know is it is best I don’t rush into anything too fast! I’m looking for a Steinway Model B in particular, and it is quite hard to find one locally to test out, let alone find one within the budget. I’ll keep up the search, and continue saving. More updates to come!

Thank you so much, love you all! Kyle

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