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Updated: Feb 26, 2023

July 16th, 2019, Kyle Landry

Listen to my new album on Spotify HERE! ??

After years of not continuing my ‘what once was’ an annual release of a ‘Works for Piano album’, Volume VII is finally up on Spotify!

The twelve tracks selected were a few of the fan favorites over the past three years. There are many more I would have loved to include, but I did not want the album to be too long. My plan now is to work on the Disney album after this. Surprisingly, the album art for the proposed Disney album has been finished approximately four years ago, but the project was put on hold due to many reasons. I’d love to actually pursue this album, give it my all, and hopefully provide y’all with a good listen.

Thank you for the on going support everyone! Kyle Landry

Check out the ‘re-release’ of my first three ‘Works for Piano’ albums below. They were recently posted with new artwork.

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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

March 4th, 2019, Kyle Landry

How’s everyone doing today? Couple updates! Working very hard to get my first three albums back up in stores, and my latest album ‘Works for Piano Vol. VII” ! –That being said, take a look at the new artwork for Volume III! Just needs text and it’s ready to go :). Other things to expect: a recording of Kass’s Theme from BoTW on my grand piano :) P.S. if you are an experienced graphic artist looking for some work, please use the contact form to message me! I’m always looking for more artists.

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December 27th, 2018, Kyle Landry

Quick gear update!

What has already come: Camera, Lens, Tripod What is still on its way: Microphones

Once the last package arrives I will start recording videos on the grand piano, and yes that means Dearly Beloved 2018!

Hope your Christmas was amazing, and you have a happy New Year. See you soon!

Love, Kyle

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