Greeting and welcome to my website!

If you are new to, I would like to outline my goal of this website:

To shape, as well as initiate a community of musicians alike. Ideally, this populace will harbor music lovers; musicians, composers, arrangers, transcribers, and engravers of any age or background, from any residence throughout the globe. This list of course does not exclude music appreciators who do not currently play an instrument, or anyone else associated in music by any designation for that matter.

Please make yourself at home, join the forums, post your own music, get free mp3's, obtain quicker access to new transcriptions, join the transcription team, or the editors team, ask questions about piano, theory, composition, and improvisation, gain feedback on your work, or simply enjoy yourself, socialize, and have fun!

See you soon.
Welcome to the brand-new!  Please help point out issues you see around the website and on the forum so we can address them, and eventually work out all of the issues and bugs. You can address your thoughts and concerns here: ...
What's up guys! There has been talk about my Video Game Cover CD that is being released in 2013, this project is currently in the works, and will be recorded on a grand piano this Summer!   It should be released by Fall.  Wait, there's more!  My ...